Month: July 2022

Campaign by Education Wing of City Traffic Police RWP

Education Wing of Rawalpindi Traffic Police conducted an awareness campaign about traffic rules and wrong parking among road users.
Traffic Warden in monsoon rain

Monsoon Season in Pakistan and CTP Prepration

On the orders of the IG Punjab and the instructions of the Chief Traffic Officer Rawalpindi, all the traffic officials, including the circle and sector in-charges are engaged in ensuring the uninterrupted flow of traffic…

Actions to be taken against illegal and wihout number plates

Chief Traffic Officer Rawalpindi has issued orders to all circle in-charges across the district to take strict and indiscriminate action against installing illegal number plates, without number plates motor cycles and other vehicles, non-specimen number…

ITP License Verification

Today’s topic is the verification of ITP driving license. Remember that all the details of today are about the license issued by Islamabad Traffic and licensing authority. After obtaining this information, you will be able…

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