5 Expert Tips on How to Deal with Traffic Lights in the City

How to Deal with Traffic Lights: Essential Tips for Urban Driving

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Approaching Intersections
  3. Understanding the Point of No Return
  4. Blocking Rule
  5. Using Intersections to Turn
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs


Approaching Intersections

Key Tips:

  • Prepare to Stop: As you approach, be ready to stop if the light changes.
  • Yellow Light: If the green light turns yellow, stop if it’s safe to do so. Never rush through a yellow light if stopping is possible.

Understanding the Point of No Return

Key Tips:

  • Point of No Return: Know where the point is beyond which you cannot stop safely.
  • Beyond the Point: If you’re beyond this point when the light turns yellow, continue through the intersection without jamming on the brakes.

Blocking Rule

Key Tips:

  • Space on the Other Side: Ensure there’s enough space on the other side of the intersection before entering.
  • Avoid Getting Stuck: Don’t enter the intersection if you can’t clear it before the light changes.

Using Intersections to Turn

Key Tips:

  • Entering the Intersection: If you want to turn right and there’s no right-turn arrow, you can drive into the intersection and wait for a gap in the traffic.
  • Safe Turning: Turn right when it’s safe, even if the light changes to yellow or red, but ensure that straight-through traffic has stopped.


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