Abuse has become a bone of my throat

A friend of mine was telling me that he had bought a new car. He was driving on a road in Quetta when someone hit his car from behind. I got very angry and immediately got out of the car, suddenly un-authorized abuse came out from my mouth.

The next person got out of the car. He looked at me with satisfaction for a few seconds and said, let’s go to Toyota show room, I will buy you a new car with similar zero meter, but you have to account for the abuse you have given to me.

I was heartbroken and immediately tried to put more pressure on him so that he forgets the insult but he just stood there with the same contentment and kept saying only one thing in response to everything I said in a soft tone, let’s to the Toyota show room. Let’s get a new car, but I want an account of this abuse.

People gathered around us; they were trying to dispose of the matter. That person only kept saying that he has to go to the showroom with me. I forgot the car and was worried that it was caught in a tussle and was praying to Allah to somehow get rid of this person.

For about 15 to 20 minutes, we were engaged in the same conversation, he was not ready to accept a single word from anyone. When I realized that he was not being blackmailed any way, I said, I am sorry man, I made a mistake, so sorry. But he was not agreeing and saying that until now you were putting pressure on me on the contrary, how come you apologized at once.

When I was completely disappointed that he was not ready to accept anything, I told one of the people that you handle them, I will drive my car away so that this drama will be over. The rickshaw driver went, he overpowered the man by explaining that he was in league with other people. I took advantage of the opportunity and drove away. I went a little further and looked back and they were following me in their car. I tried my best to drive the car and managed to escape.

Even two or three months after I managed to escape, I was still afraid that those people would find me. After that day, I have not abused anyone even for making a big mistake, because that day I realized that the price of abuse in any form is very heavy. And if the next one asks for its price, it is impossible to pay it.

So, I request you to be patient and do not abuse anyone. Otherwise, because of two minutes of passion and anger, you will beg to run away again, but I will not get it. You will try to dispose of the matter and you will fail. Even if you manage to run away from the last option, you will be mentally anxious that many of those people will not come after you.

Nimat Ullah Khushal

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