Failed Your Driving Test? Punjab’s New 15-Day Re-Test Rule Explained

Booking a re-test involves a simple online application process through the official Punjab Transport Department’s website or Rasta App. Applicants need to fill out the necessary forms and pay the applicable fees after the completion of the test.

  1. What if I fail the re-test within 15 days? If you fail the re-test within 15 days, you can apply for another re-test after 15 days. However, it’s advisable to take additional time to practice and address the areas of weakness identified during your tests. This approach helps to ensure better preparedness and a higher chance of passing in future attempts.
  2. Are there additional fees for taking a re-test? Yes, each attempt at the driving test requires a fee. The fee structure is outlined on the Punjab Traffic Police Department’s website. It’s important to check the latest fees as they are subject to change based on administrative decisions.
  3. Can I change my driving school before taking the re-test? Yes, you are free to change driving schools at any time. If you feel that additional training with a different instructor or school might be beneficial, you can switch schools before scheduling your re-test. Sometimes, a different teaching method can make a significant difference in your driving skills.
  4. How has the new rule impacted pass rates in Punjab? Since the implementation of the 15-day re-test rule, there has been a noticeable improvement in pass rates. This improvement is attributed to the reduced stress and increased focus on areas of improvement, as candidates are able to retake the test while the experience is still fresh in their minds.
  5. What are the major reasons for failing the driving test in Punjab? Common reasons for failing include not adhering to traffic signals, inadequate control over the vehicle, failure to observe safety measures like seat belts and mirrors, and poor handling during maneuvers like parallel parking. It’s crucial for candidates to focus on these areas during their practice sessions.


The introduction of Punjab’s 15-day re-test rule is a commendable step towards efficient governance and public service improvement in the transportation sector. It not only helps reduce the emotional and logistical strain on applicants but also speeds up the process of acquiring a driving license. By allowing quicker retests, the rule encourages a proactive approach to learning and adapting, ultimately leading to safer and more confident drivers on the road. As the system continues to evolve, it is expected that further refinements will be made based on public feedback and the overall impact on road safety statistics.

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