Education of Road Safety

Result and Grades after 24 Questions

You get upset when a driver does anything that irritates you. You Really Should?
The Driving Ability Of Senior Citizens Is Low Because they?
You've Just Purchased a Used Vehicle. When Will You Inform the Authority For Ownership change?
Which of the following is true?
When you are stationary, you must not use your horn.
What Is the grace period for renewing a permanent driver's licence?
What The Insurance Company Will Compensate, If You Do Not Have a Valid Driving License And Involved In An Accident?
Legal Age For Applying A Driving License Is?
What Is a Rear View Mirror For?
How many of the following are allowed to demand you for documents when you are driving a vehicle?
What Is The Firs Class Way To Avoid Hitting Other Automobile, humans Or Animals While Moving Off From The Kerb?
What Should You Do If a Driver Appears Incompetent?
The Stopping Distance of a Vehicle will be extra Longer while Driving in/at?
You had a clash with someone before you start driving, what should you need to do?
What Is The First Thing You Should Do If Your Car Breaks Down On A Highway?
What Does A Red Traffic Light Indicate?
Mirrors are frequently slightly curved (convex) to?
Mobile Phones Should Only Be Used?
To Avoid the Fatigue While Driving One Should?
In general, if you notice the siren of an emergency services, you must?

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