Education of Road Safety

Result and Grades after 24 Questions

Too much pressing the clutch pedal or driving in neutral for an extended period of time will result?
Accident Appears?
On A Dark Cloudy Day or at the Dawn/Sunset, You Should
What Is The Firs Class Way To Avoid Hitting Other Automobile, humans Or Animals While Moving Off From The Kerb?
Other Drivers are allowed to Use the Flash of Headlights to?
How far should you keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you?
Using The Cell Phone While Driving Is Dangerous
Which of the relevant documentation is not needed to be carried when driving a vehicle?
Initial Steps To Take After Getting a Road Accident?
Legal Age For Applying A Driving License Is?
You Have Arrived At The Scene Of An Accident To Assist. Which of the following steps must you take?
You Can Use the Hand Held Mobile Phone During A Car Drive?
To Keep You Focused on the Long Journey?
What Is The First Thing You Should Do If Your Car Breaks Down On A Highway?
For A Road Drive, Learners Must
While Driving One Should, Avoid
What should you do if you feel tired while driving?
Noise Pollution Could Lead To?
Boredom can cause sleepiness on a long highway journey. You Should?
You're driving down a steep incline. Why Could Leaving The Clutch Down Or Choosing Neutral For An Excessive Period Of Time Be Dangerous?

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