Education of Road Safety

Result and Grades after 24 Questions

While Having a Car Learner's License, You Could?
What Should You Do If a Driver Appears Incompetent?
Which Action To Be Taken, If A Person Is Hurt By Your Car?
During An accident, Which Device is the Most effective?
How many of these are you required by law to keep in proper work order?
Stopping With Gears Is Achievable By?
In your car, you have two 13-year-old children and parents. Whose in charge of ensuring that the kids wear seat belts?
Under The Influence Of Drugs, What Should You Need To Do Before Driving?
A mishap has just occurred. On The Busy Road, An Injured Person Is Lying. What Should Be Your First Step?
The Driving Ability Of Senior Citizens Is Low Because they?
Is There Any Responsibility For You While Opening A Door Of Your Vehicle On Roadway?
Something Hanging At Your Center View Mirror Could
What Does A Red Traffic Light Indicate?
What should you do if you feel tired while driving?
What Is The Firs Class Way To Avoid Hitting Other Automobile, humans Or Animals While Moving Off From The Kerb?
What The Insurance Company Will Compensate, If You Do Not Have a Valid Driving License And Involved In An Accident?
What is the maximum speed at which a two-wheeler may be driven on the road?
Which one of the Following is most Vulnerable at A Crossroads?
What do you meant by "Defensive Driving"?
For A Road Drive, Learners Must

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