Hareem Farooq Dance in stunning black outfit

Hareem Farooq wore a black suit and made all the other colors sad. I like a black suit because it doesn’t change color even after meeting others. During the time of princesses, beauty was talked about, but Hareem Farooq was no less. All the suits in the world on one side and the black dress on the other. If the color is clear and the suit is black, how will it not fit you?

Black color has always been my favorite, I don’t know why, but whenever I want to buy a suit, the first thing I look at is black, most of the suits I have are black, the ring is also black, everyone says it’s boyish, but I like it very much. My watch is also black and the bangles are also. There is an obsession with black color. Mama says that if you want, paint the room black. Madness is, if my favorite live is seen, that too is a black dark night, a light rain, a chair by the window of the room and music in the ears.

Looks like Hareem Farooq is present at some kind of wedding or Mehendi function. This place, which appears to be a wedding hall, is buzzing with lights. She is wearing yellow Gujara in her hands. Large earrings are worn in the ears. Beautiful pictures with a smile on the face are the center of attention everywhere. A bicycle decorated with flowers is also making this whole environment more attractive.

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