How to Deal with Blind Spots While Driving:

How to deal with Blind Spots While Driving: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Deal with Blind Spots While Driving:

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Blind Spots
  3. When to Check Your Blind Spots
  4. Techniques for Dealing with Blind Spots
  5. Avoiding Other Drivers’ Blind Spots
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs


Understanding Blind Spots

Key Blind Spot Areas:

  • Side Blind Spots: Located on both sides of your car, just behind the area visible through your side mirrors.
  • Rear Blind Spot: Directly behind your vehicle, not visible in the rearview mirror.

When to Check Your Blind Spots

Situations Requiring Blind Spot Checks:

  1. Pulling Out from the Curb: Before moving into traffic from a parked position.
  2. Parallel Parking or Leaving a Park: To ensure there are no vehicles or cyclists in your blind spot.
  3. Making U-Turns or Three-Point Turns: To avoid hitting any vehicles or obstacles.
  4. Merging with Traffic: Particularly on highways or busy roads.
  5. Changing Lanes or Overtaking: To ensure the lane is clear.
  6. Changing Position on the Road: Such as moving into a flush median.

Techniques for Dealing with Blind Spots

Mirror Adjustments:

  1. Side Mirrors: Adjust your side mirrors so that you can just see the edge of your car. This minimizes the blind spot area.
  2. Rearview Mirror: Ensure the rearview mirror is adjusted to cover as much of the rear window as possible.

Physical Checks:

  1. Shoulder Check: Quickly turn your head (not your whole body) to the right or left to look through your side windows. This helps identify any hazards in your blind spot.
  2. Frequent Scanning: Regularly scan your mirrors and blind spots, especially in high-traffic areas or when performing any of the maneuvers listed above.

Avoiding Other Drivers’ Blind Spots

Tips for Avoiding Blind Spots:

  1. Drive Ahead or Drop Back: When driving alongside another vehicle, either move ahead or slow down to stay out of their blind spot.
  2. Avoid Lingering: Do not linger in another vehicle’s blind spot for extended periods.
  3. Use Caution with Large Vehicles: Trucks and buses have larger blind spots, so give them extra space and avoid driving alongside them.


How to Deal with Blind Spots While Driving:

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