How to dodge a Traffic Warden easily?

Dodge a Traffic Warden:

If a traffic warden stops you on the road then the Best way is to talk politely and admit your violation. Do not make lame excuses for the violation you occurred and also make fool reasons for it. Your arguments can cause major ticket punishment to you so try to talk short and to the point also promise to be careful in the future. Your arguments can change the mindset of him but overacting or over confidence could lead you to the big amount of Chalan.

Traffic warden Service is a respectable and demanding service in Pakistan, almost each and every driver and citizen must have the interaction with them. They are present in all main points and junctions of the intercity. General public behavior towards them is ill mannered, one might think that law is applicable everyone except him. One also demands that he must be provided a chance and warning for his or her violation and should not get charged with it.

Whenever someone is stopped for a violation he or she deny about the violation and behave as they did nothing wrong and was the law obedient. Meanwhile they started to give excuses for it and if a traffic warden do not agree or satisfy they try for the influence by their references and links. At the end when to fails to do so their behavior suddenly turned into rude one and they start misbehaving with the cop. Sometimes they threaten a traffic warden at the end of the chalan. There are very few peoples in the society who accept their violations at once and also collect their fine amount at once with a thankful attitude and also insure about the careful attitude about law but they are very few.

Just come back to the topic traffic wardens are working hard in the good and extreme weather for ease of society. It is hard to believe that why some peoples get rid with them as they accommodate and facilitate the general public day and night to reach them onto the destinations but when they charge for the violation they think it unfair.

I asked from different members of society about their first thoughts of minds when they were stopped by a traffic warden on the road and sharing their answers with you:

Mr. Ali Butt (Businessman) replied “I generally stop as a traffic warden asks me to do so and ask him that why he stopped him after while I excuse about giving my documents to him that I forgot them at home or misplaced them somewhere else”.

Mr., Asad (Laptop Hardware Expert) replied “I normally try to escape from the scene safely and if I have to stop I request them gently”.

Mr. Ayaz (Marketing Department) replied “When I committed a violation I feel bad for it and pass my documents to the officer for the legal formalities”.

Mr. Daniyal (Cricketer) “I stop and excuse on the spot and if get a ticket then pay it into the bank”.

Mr. Uzair (NUST Islamabad) “I respectfully excuse from a traffic warden and try to get a link from another traffic warden if get a ticket then what else is there to pay it properly”.

Lt. Col Asad (Pak Army) “I feel they might be doing this for some bribe money”.

Mr. Shafi Aftab (WAPDA) “I make a phone call to my friend Traffic Warden and ask him to cover me from this situation”.

So you can clearly see different behavior from the society but I tell you what that there is no shortcut to dodge a traffic warden. The Best way is to follow the traffic rules and give the rights to the other road users. All the traffic rules are made for the secure road and safety of the general public and their property so please consider them seriously.

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