Ideas for using old tyres in the garden

When a car’s tire wears out and needs to be replaced, it’s not the end of the journey. There are several things you can do with old car tires. Let’s talk about some interesting and surprising ideas for using old tyres. In this way you will give them a new life.

Destruction or disposal of old tyres

Usually old car tires are collected in a warehouse. It is then recycled into smaller pieces. It is thus recycled to make other rubber products. In another method, it is used to obtain energy. However, this method is not good for our environment in any way.

Some factories buy old tires from scrap yards and convert them into normal rubber. Later, this rubber is used to make other items such as road speed breakers, playground flooring or other useable. Here are some good ways to recycle tires, but let’s talk about some amazing ways:

Ideas for using old tyres in the garden

  • Heated pet beds

The easiest way is to lay a soft bed between these tires and place a pillow. Doing so will turn them into a soft and warm bed for your pet.

  • Home garden chairs

Usually there is not much space in the garden of the house. In such a case, all you have to do is put a soft cushion between the tires and your seating is ready. For beauty, you can paint the outer surface of your choice. New chairs are ready for your garden.

  • A table used in the garden

Just like chairs, you can also make a garden table with the help of these tires. You stack two or three tires on top of each other and fasten them together with a good company’s glue. Paint your favorite color on them. Put wood or plastic on it and fasten it well. Now your furniture set is ready, glass panel can also be placed on it.

  • Hanging pots in the garden

Now that you have prepared the garden table, how about the plant pots? Not only furniture but also plant pots can be made from tires. The plants and flowers inside them provide a charming sight. If you hang them along the garden walls, the side walls will also be covered and space will be saved. It is a useful way to beautify your garden.

  • A swinging hammock

This is an ancient and well-known method of using a tire. If you have a tree in your house, only one rope is needed. By using them, your task will be completed and the children at home will also be extremely happy.


One thing to note about old tires is that they are very useful. Never let them live in open air in your homes. In fact, rainwater accumulates inside them, which causes mosquito breeding. If you have such a tire, drain the water inside it and keep it in a covered area rather than in open rain. We hope that you will like and try ideas for using old tyres in the garden.

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