Madiha Imam disclosed her knots with Moji Basar

A renowned actress and personality in Pakistan’s entertainment sector, Madiha Imam recently disclosed her union to producer Moji Basar.

After erasing all prior posts on the photo and video sharing platform, the actress declared her union to Moji Basar, a global film producer and writer, and placed the new post.

According to the actress’s images, she picked a traditional red outfit by Pakistani designer Zara Shah Jahan for the big day, while Moji Basar is dressed in a bright white kurta pajama.

The actress, who shared the photographs, stated that she married on May 1 of this year and may recall her in her prayers.

Their wedding photos have finally been released, after the release of recently night’s wedding photos.

It should be stated that Madiha Imam’s spouse Moji Basar is also associated to the entertainment business and he spent time as a production manager in the Bollywood film ‘Lakha Chappi’ and as a writer and producer in ‘The Sikh’.

Fans and followers of the actress, as well as fellow artists, greeted her and prayed her well on her new adventure.

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