Mishi Khan Trolls Iffat Umar again

Ifat Umar and Mishi Khan are two well-known personalities in Pakistani showbiz who frequently compete against one another. These two frequently take advantage of any chance to tease one another. The same thing has happened again this time.

Ifat Umar, a Pakistani actress, is currently residing in Dallas. Recently, the two of them uploaded a photo from Dallas and received harsh criticism from both fans and other cast members.

This time, actress Mishi Khan snapped the daring photos of Ifat Umar with online users. Ifat Umar was seen in a short dress, and Mishi Khan advised her to “take care of your knees” and wear stockings.

It should be noted that Mishi Khan had already made fun of Ifat Umar for not speaking out for Tehreek-e-Insaaf members.

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