Shagufta Ejaz talks about her 2nd marriage

Shagufta Ejaz, a veteran actress, revealed significant discoveries on her second marriage.

In an interview, Shagufta Ejaz was questioned about her personal life, including whether or not her second marriage was the result of her parents’ decision or a love match.

 The actress retorted that there was a combination of things; my husband had proposed to me, but I had been unsure for a while, and I had been parenting my kid by myself, so I had felt I shouldn’t get married.

Shagufta Ejaz said that while my spouse Yahya Siddiqui had made up his mind to wed her and that he had been firm in my cause, I had taken two years to accept the proposal.

Aniya Ali, one of Shagufta Ejaz’s four daughters, is the child of her first marriage; Haya Siddiqui, Iman Siddiqui, and Nabiha Siddiqui are the children of her second marriage.  The play “Mere Qatal Mere Dildar” won Shaughta Ejaz the prize for best supporting actress as well. The actress’ road to popularity began with the hit television show “Jangolos” of “Kazim Pasha,” and she hasn’t looked back since.

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