How to reduce the dangerous effects of high beam at night?

Driving at night is by no means a difficult test for anyone. There are all kinds of drivers on the road at the moment, they may be tired all day or under the influence of a drugs. The biggest problem for almost every driver at night is the high beam light coming from the opposite direction and from the rear. This light falls directly on our eyes and affects our vision. Dangerous accidents occur due to this blindness. Today’s topic is to examine and prevent these effects.

Have your eyes checked most of the time? If you use lenses, they need to be replaced in a timely manner. Glasses specifically used at night can be an effective way to prevent this blindness.

Aging can affect a person’s eyesight, so older people are advised not to drive at night, but if they are still forced to do so, do not try to speed up, Keep it very slow.

Drive in extremely slow lanes on highways or motorways as fast lane vehicles in the opposite direction are often seen using high beams.

Due to the dangerous effect of high beam, limit the speed of your car to the headlights of your vehicle. This process will help you to stop the car timely in case of any emergency.

Avoid looking at the high beam as much as possible. From time to time, keep your focus on the left side of the road and try to keep your focus on the road line or the side of the road until the vehicle with the high beam moves away from the front.

Protect your eyes from being caught in the light. Be wary of sudden light coming from the front in a bend or a square and prepare yourself to deal with such a situation.

If you drive constantly day and night, use sunglasses to avoid sunlight as it affects your eyesight at night. Take them off in the dark and give yourself a little rest before driving at night. ۔

Keep the car’s windscreen clean on both sides so that the light coming from the front does not spread after hitting it. Remember that a dirty windscreen reduces your vision and also keep the headlights clean so that the light does not dim.

Keep car headlights in good condition and make sure they are used properly. Use high beams only in case of compulsion. Dim the oncoming vehicle as soon as you see it, never use them inside the city. Make sure to use your car’s lights in rain, fog and snow.

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