How do I get my Learner Driving License?

Every responsible citizen like you always thinks about this matter that how should he or she may get the driving license. Before going further keep remember basic thing about your driving license. If you do not have a driving license with you then you are committing a traffic violation and could be charged for it. In the case of an accident, it may lead you to a serious trouble. Now we come back to our topic of how do I get my learner driving license.

The basic requirement to get a leaner is your age, if you are 18 years or above then you are eligible to get one. According to the moto vehicle ordinance and rules, no one is allowed to bring its car or bike to a public place until he or she gets the age of 18. So be careful folks if you are underage then stay safe, stay home.

Legal requirement of a Learner Driving License

After getting the age of maturity as mentioned earlier the second phase to contact with your local licensing authority along your original Identity Card. Remember your home District is the legal authority to issue you a learner Driving License.

In case of a Government servant or Army person you need to provide few extra documents along your National Identity Card which are departmental authority letter and your service card.

Licensing authority will issue you a learner driving license or learner permit after satisfying with the data you provided. This learner permit is valid for the next 6 months and you may appear before the licensing authority after 42 days, which is the maturity period of your learner.

Meanwhile you have to follow the rules for the learner persons, Do not drive until you have a second seater with you who holds a permanent driving license from last 3 years.

Do not drive on public place.

Remember that learner permit is not your final license and you have to appear again for its test drive. Watch the video for more information, legal formalities and the cost of learner driving license.

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