Cockpit drill or Cab Drill, what is it get info

You need to prepare yourself and your car with a cab drill before using the road. The cab drill is even more important if you are using someone else’s car or have given your car to another person.

This can be very dangerous if you start adjusting anything inside the car in moving traffic, so it is best to get the cab drill process to a logical conclusion before you drive so you can enjoy a safe ride. With this drill you do not just make yourself safe but your co-passengers along the other road users.

After getting in the car

  • Lock the doors and get to know the vehicle control devices. If you have children in the car then use child lock for their safety.
  • Make sure the handbrake is on.
  • Make sure the vehicle’s gear is in neutral condition.

Prepare yourself

  • Adjust your seat
  • Adjust all the glasses
  • Fasten the seat belt

Get your car ready

  • Start the engine
  • At this point, pay attention to the lights in the dashboard and keep all the controls in mind.
  • In the case of an automatic vehicle, control the brake pedal.
  • Put the car in gear.
  • Turn the handbrake down (raise the brake lever slightly for this operation and hold down the button at the front end).


Get ready for the surrounding traffic

  • Use back view mirrors
  • Use indicators appropriately and in a timely manner
  • Be careful at blind turns and unseen places

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