Dipstick oil level and how to read oil dipstick

How to read oil dipstick

Your car’s performance depends on the engine oil. The engine is the most important part of driving a car. If you are a new driver and do not know how to check your engine oil, we will guide you. Check your engine oil regularly after learning.

The Engine oil protects the engine from being damaged. Not only does this keep the engine cool but it also protects it from overheating and friction. Today we will show you how to read oil dipstick and how to compare oil levels. Also, how many times you check the oil level with dipstick and when to change it.

How to check engine oil

  • Park your vehicle on a smooth surface as a slight elevation or descent can affect its level.
  • Wait for 10 to 15 minutes after parking. The engine has been heated up and oil applied all over it.

How to read oil dipstick but before that you have to find it. It will be a small shiny plastic handle. If you can’t find it, read this car’s handbook. The book will be your guide in finding it.

When you find a dipstick, take it out by straightening or twisting it and wipe the front end with tissue paper. Clean it so that you can see the minimum and maximum level marks on the tip.

Insert the clean dipstick back into your extracted area. When this process is complete, pull it out again and read the level mark.

If the dipstick level is between low and high marks then such a situation is acceptable.

If its level is close to the low and low mark between the low and high marks, you need to add more oil to it.

If its level is too close to or below the low mark, you must replace it.

When to check engine oil

It is advisable to read your car’s engine oil on a monthly basis. Because that way you can know its level in time. Learn how to read oil dips when you check car tires, brakes, and lights before a long trip.

Oil to be put in the car

If you know how to read oil dipstick and also need to change engine oil. The first question that comes to your mind is which oil will be suitable for your car?

Mineral oil

This is the cheapest option you have on the market. But it is possible that the car manufacturer may not allow it to be used because it does not have the capacity to keep the engine clean.

Synthetic oil

Ingredients to keep the engine clean are artificially added to this oil. These advantages greatly increase its value. That is why it is the most expensive oil on the market.

Semi-synthetic oil

This oil is a mixture of mineral and synthetic oils and has many properties. In terms of price, it is in the consumer’s purchase price.

Since you are not an expert, it is best to consult your mechanic. Your mechanic can give you better advice depending on the type of vehicle. But as soon as you know that the oil level in the vehicle is low or the quality is low. Change it or complete its level. We hope you now know how to read oil dipstick and when to change oil. Take care of your car and engine so you can avoid trouble while traveling.

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