How to apply for a driving license online in Pakistan

Driving license online in Pakistan

Hello, today’s topic is the most frequently asked question that how can anyone in Pakistan apply for their driver’s license online? Can we get a license at home? Let’s find out the truth behind this. What are the facts and how far are the licensing centers providing us this facility?

The Motor Vehicle Ordinance came into force in Pakistan in 1965, enacting changes to some of the laws of the British era. There were separate laws for East and West Pakistan which were slightly modified as the time required but most of the laws are still in force as in the British Raj.

Let’s go back to our topic and discuss how to apply for a driver’s license online. In the current era, information technology has made everything much easier and better. The police system is also becoming a modern threat. The Police department of Pakistan is introducing some new applications every day just like the other departments but is it possible to get a driving license by applying online?

The answer is no, it is not possible to get a driver’s license online nor can a learner’s driving permit be obtained online. Now the question arises why?

The answer is that the Motor Vehicle Ordinance and the rules under which the traffic police operate do not allow anyone to apply for their driver’s license online from home. The facts behind it cannot be ignored which is a loophole in the law that cannot be denied. 

Law for Driving License

Law says that if any person has to drive on a public highway

  1. The first condition is that he is at least 18 years old
  2. The second condition is to be medically fit
  3. The third condition is that he has a driving license

It is important to note that driving on the highway means to your own life as well as the rest of the people and property, that’s why you do not drive on the highway without a license issued by the licensing authority. If you do then the traffic police can impound you for up to 6 months in addition to heavy fines.

What you can do online?

Of course, you can’t apply for a driver’s license online but to save the valuable time you can make an online appointment at these offices but then you have to personally appear before the licensing authority and get the driving licenses. You have to go through the steps and get it after the test. This license is valid for 5 years and after this period you need to renew it so that you can have your medical resume also that your driving is not dangerous in any way. It also proves that you are medically fit so that the authority can issue you a driver’s license for another 5 years.

It would not appropriate to conceal here that the driving license is in no way your personal property. It is a facility given to you by the Government or the traffic police so that your driving is safe for everyone. Remember the department concerned may suspend your driver’s license at any time if it feels that you’re driving may pose a risk to others.

The bottom line is that you can’t apply for a driver’s license online in Pakistan, but you can just make your appointment. Citizens living at home and abroad can only obtain it in person before the Licensing Authority.

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