Driving Signs and Theory Test in English

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What does the single continuous line between the road mean?
You are about to overtake a large vehicle over a long distance and if a vehicle approaches from the front you will need it
Can You Park Your Vehicle At Bus Stop?
When You Can Drive Above The Speed Limit
It Is Necessary To Remain In The Most Right Lane 200 Meters Before Turing Right
Which Sign Board Indicates The Danger?
You Can Use Dipper/Lights While Overtaking
What Does this Sign Mean?
What Does this Sign Mean?
You Should Keep Your Vehicle Extreme Left If Intended To Turn Left
According To Statistics Which Age Group Of Drivers Are Mostly Involved In Fatal Accidents?
Minimum Age For LTV Vehicle's Driving Is 21 Years
What costs more if the tappet is loose?
Which One Indicates "Service Road is Joining From Right" Sign ?
Where You Will Apply "The Rule Of Two Second"?
Which of the following is a stop line?
Which One Indicates "Halt Before Entering Junction" ?
What should a driver do on a rough road?
How do you make up for lost battery water?
What Does this Sign Mean?
What Should You Do By Approaching The Zebra Crossing?
What Does this Sign Mean?
Which lights will you use during fog?
What Does this Sign Mean?

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