Honda 125 price in Pakistan 2023

This time, what Atlas Honda has planned to give the fans in its latest model Honda and what will be Honda 125 price in Pakistan 2023? Read this post in detail to know. The first thing that Honda has changed in its new model is the usual newly designed lash push sticker. Other changes will come out later. What is worth mentioning here is that fans are very eager to know the price of this Honda 125 2023.

Undoubtedly, Honda has a huge market and its fan base is also huge, who have been eagerly waiting for this model. So, the waiting hours are over and the new model Honda has hit the market. Like the old model, the price of this Honda is 179,900. The price is the same as the old model, which is said to be the reason for the company’s price hike last month.

As the motorcycle manufacturer recently hiked its prices, the Honda 125 price in Pakistan 2023 is 179,900 and the SE at 210,900 respectively. Apparently, this new model looks similar to the old model apart from its new sticker. This bike has been ruling the market since day one. Remember, this type of motorcycle was first launched in the Pakistani market in 1992, which was a hit as soon as it arrived. Honda is quite popular across the country due to its durability, reliable engine and easy maintenance. Another positive feature is its resale price, which is considered to be a dire need across Pakistan. At the same time, on resale, this style is sold from hand to hand and does not cause a lot of loss to the owner. It means that Honda 125 price in Pakistan 2023 will cover its worth in future.

This motorcycle Honda lives up to the standards of its owner in every respect and provides quality along with power. Its engine is continuously upgraded by the company and Euro 2 has made it more appealing and attractive. The Honda is a completely reliable ride for its price with upgrades like carburettor, signals, headlights and seats etc. Other features and defects of this Honda model will be revealed only after coming to the market, but can you tell if Honda 125 price in Pakistan 2023 fulfills its price or not?

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