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Which of the following is true?
You Can Use the Hand Held Mobile Phone During A Car Drive?
Driving Without A Valid Driving License, You Can Meet A Violation Ticket?
What Is The Firs Class Way To Avoid Hitting Other Automobile, humans Or Animals While Moving Off From The Kerb?
The Initial Thing Which Is Infected By Alcohol Is?
Passengers can be carried by a driver of a goods vehicle?
You should only flash your lights at other people on the road?
Legal Age For Applying A Driving License Is?
The Driving Ability Of Senior Citizens Is Low Because they?
When The Roads Are Wet Out There You Should
Initial Steps To Take After Getting a Road Accident?
Which of the following statements is correct?
Which one of the Following is most Vulnerable at A Crossroads?
You Lent a friend's car and discover that the driver's seat position places you far from the steering wheel and controls. So, what are your options?
Which Of the subsequent ought to Be Done incessantly while Driving A Vehicle?
What Is the grace period for renewing a permanent driver's licence?
How many of these are you required by law to keep in proper work order?
What do you meant by "Defensive Driving"?
When other drivers' headlights flash at you, it means
In general, if you notice the siren of an emergency services, you must?

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