Rules for pedestrians on the road

Rules for pedestrians on the road

Roads are common but there may be different people using them. One of them is a group of pedestrians. Remember to take special care of your safety on the road. Make sure you use the road safely. Today we have come up with some very important points about Rules for pedestrians on the road. We hope you will keep them in mind and make yourself safe by following them.

Walking on the road

If there is no sidewalk, turn off the road and walk on the rough side of it. Even if there is no rough part, you can see the oncoming vehicles on the right side of the road.


Do not stand in the way of pedestrians, do not obstruct pedestrians, and do not place any luggage, etc.

Standing on the road

Avoid standing or walking and follow Rules for pedestrians on the road. Especially at a point where drivers can’t see you.

Get on the road

Before coming to the road, look at both sides and make sure that no traffic is coming from right or left.


Before crossing the road remember the Rules for pedestrians on the road, stand on the side and look to the right, then to the left, and again to the right. Make sure no vehicle is approaching. Then cross the straight road.


If there is a shelter in the middle of the road, stop at it. So that the driver coming from the other side can see you from a distance, especially at night. When the road is clear, cross the rest of it.

To cross the road

If there is a crossing sign on a nearby road, do not cross the road at any other place.

Road signs

Vehicles will stop for you when you want to cross the road at a place where there are signs for pedestrian crossing. But give incoming vehicles enough time to stop for you.

Zebra Crossing and Shelter

If there is a shelter in the middle of the road sign, consider the two sides of the road separately and cross one section at a time.

Crossing the signal square

Only cross the signpost when you see a pedestrian crossing sign or if the traffic in the direction you want to cross is blocked by a red signal.

Traffic police

At a crossroads where the traffic warden is controlling the traffic, just follow the signal.

Getting on and off the bus

Do not attempt to board or disembark a moving bus, tram, or another vehicle. Wait for it to stop. Don’t push others down.

Getting in or out of the car

Always get on or off the left side of the car and follow all rules for pedestrians on the road۔

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