Understanding the Different Types of Sensors in Vehicles

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Engine Speed Sensor
  3. Knock Sensor
  4. Air Flow Sensor
  5. Cam Sensor
  6. Coolant Sensor
  7. Temp Sensor
  8. NOx Sensor
  9. MAP Sensor
  10. Parking Sensor
  11. Vehicle Speed Sensor
  12. Oxygen Sensor
  13. Throttle Sensor
  14. Crank Sensor
  15. Voltage Sensor
  16. Rain Sensor
  17. Conclusion
  18. FAQs


Engine Speed Sensor

Knock Sensor

Air Flow Sensor

Cam Sensor

Coolant Sensor

Temp Sensor

NOx Sensor

MAP Sensor

Parking Sensor

Vehicle Speed Sensor

Oxygen Sensor

Throttle Sensor

Crank Sensor

Voltage Sensor

Rain Sensor


different types of sensors in vehicles


What is the function of the engine speed sensor?

How does the knock sensor protect the engine?

The knock sensor detects engine knocking and signals the ECU to adjust the ignition timing to prevent damage.

Why is the air flow sensor important?

What does the coolant sensor do?

How does the rain sensor improve driving safety?

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