When Beating the Red light is legal?

Beating the Red light

Imagine that you are standing in the middle of a busy square. The red light is on in front of you and all the traffic is stopped. In the meantime, you can see a red or blue light vehicle behind you that is constantly using a siren. Is beating the red light is a suitable option for you? It must be an emergency vehicle that is running to save someone’s life. This situation will inevitably bother you and make you wonder what to do in the end. In today’s topic, we will talk about every possible situation.

Can we beat the red light?

You are in an emergency and you can beat the red light to give way to the Emergency vehicle. Don’t forget to beat the red light as your last resort. Only use it if there are no other conditions left and you are forced to do so. Here are some things to keep in mind

  • Is that the last option?
  • Is it safe to do so?
  • Is it necessary to do so?

Never forget that having a camera installed in a square can save you from beating the red-light image. In the case of such a challan, if an emergency vehicle is also seen in your violation photo, you can challenge it in court.

If it’s not safe to do so, don’t do it at all. Stay in your seat as the emergency vehicle will find its way. Wait for your signal to turn green and continue your journey by adopting safe driving.

What to do if the emergency vehicle is coming from another road or the opposite direction?

If you are near a square and an emergency vehicle is speeding in front, slow down. Take full control of your vehicle and be ready to stop at any moment. If the vehicle approaches the intersection from the opposite direction, stop completely and give way to it, even if your signal is green. You do not need to slow down if a road divider is installed.

How far you should drive from the emergency vehicle?

While beating the red light in a square is the last option, it is also important to keep a proper distance from the Emergency vehicle. An adequate distance of at least 500 feet from all emergency vehicles should be maintained. There are many reasons for this but the safety of all people is the main reason. Make sure you never overtake an emergency vehicle. In that case, you could face heavy fines and be caused by someone’s death.

What to do if an emergency vehicle is coming from behind?

If you hear a siren coming from behind, consider options other than beating the red light. Reduce your speed and always be ready to give way to the emergency vehicle. If an emergency vehicle is seen, determine its arrival lane and your lane. Turn on the appropriate indicators to keep the lane clear for the Emergency vehicle. Change your lane only when it is safe. Remember that if you do not give way to an emergency vehicle, you are committing a crime and may be fined.

What are Emergency Vehicles?

These are usually ambulances, fire brigades, and police vehicles. All emergency response vehicles, including Armed Forces vehicles, are equipped with special lights on the top. Such vehicles need to be valued while using the road. Remember that all emergency vehicles have to be numbered as soon as possible depending on their timely arrival at the scene. Respect all such vehicles while proving to be a good and decent citizen.

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