Car oil change and Engine oil change period Guide

Car oil change

Timely car oil change enhances the overall performance of the vehicle. The longevity of the car and the safety of the engine also depend on the timely change of oil. When do you need to change the oil? What oil do you need to add? How should you change the oil? These are all more important points that we will explain in today’s topic. Read this guide carefully and keep all the points in mind. We hope that after reading this you will be able to solve car oil issues.

When to change the oil

After examining many stimuli and things, one should take the step of changing the oil. Determining the car oil change is not an easy task. That is why read carefully the following points and symbols. You will be able to change the oil with ease after getting these points.

Oil light in the dashboard

Don’t ignore the oil light cone in the car’s dashboard. If it is flashing on the dashboard you need to change the oil. This light is installed in modern vehicles. Keep looking at this light from time to time. Whenever you find it, lift the bonnet of the car and check the quantity and quality of the oil. After lifting the bonnet, you will need to find the dipstick, remove it and clean it. Read the clean dipstick carefully and check its surface. If the car needs more oil or replacement, it will appear on the dipstick.

Read mileage

Keep an eye on the car’s mileage readings. Whenever you change the oil, write it on a logbook or a page. According to the consensus of all experts, the oil of the vehicle needs to be changed every 3 months or after 3000 km. The car oil change is an important component of the engine which is checked during every service.

Engine sound

Engine oil does not work after a certain time or period and that is why its performance is affected. After a certain amount of time, it is affected by the engine’s heat. It is not able to protect the engine properly due to performance impairment. If you do not change it in time, it can cause noises inside the engine. During this, you can hear a variety of sounds from the engine. In this case, it is the time of car oil change.

Car smoke

It is common to see smoke coming out of the car after starting in winter. In other cases, if the vehicle is emitting more smoke than usual, it is to be investigated. It is quite possible that the engine oil is leaking from somewhere. In this case, the vehicle needs to be taken to a specialist mechanic.

The smell of oil

If you smell the oil on the side of the car or while driving, park the car. It is possible that the car oil leaked from somewhere and it is smelling because it is hot. It can get hotter and damage it. If you notice a smell, get it checked as soon as possible.

Oil color

The dirty or dark color of the oil indicates the car oil change. Now it is necessary to change the oil. Fresh oil is amber in color which turns black in a short time. It is necessary that you check it every month. Remember that particles from the engine make it dirty. Arrange for it to change color if it is dirty or dark.

Oil change method

If any of the above symptoms pass through your observation, change the oil. First of all, you need to select the engine oil of the car. You can contact a good mechanic in this regard. There are generally three types of oils, mineral oil, synthetic oil, and semi-synthetic oil. To learn more about this, read our topic Oil Dipstick carefully. When you are convinced that it is time for a car oil change, change it because it increases the value of your car. Along with the changed oil, you also have to change the filter. You can save money by changing it yourself, but it’s best to let a mechanic do it.

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