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Driving Test In Pakistan L Shape Technique and Tips

How To Pass Driving Test Of L Shape

Driving Test Motorway Police

Driving License Test in Pakistan

Welcome to our website. There is a growing trend in Pakistan to get a driver’s license. It is a good idea to get a driver’s license before driving on the road. So that it can be your shield in an unpleasant situation. Remember, no matter how skilled a driver you are, never lose sight of caution and patience. In today’s topic we will try to help you get a driver’s license.

If you have prepared with our e-testing service, we strongly hope that your sign test must pass. The next step is to appear driving test in Pakistan. Most expert drivers of road are also frightened by the name of the test and even a small mistake becomes a bone in their throat and they fail. Most of the authorities in Pakistan conduct driving tests in L-shape. L-shaped track is made on which you have to drive the vehicle first and then reverse. You will be able to pass this test easily by reading the steps below carefully. Remember that if you have an automatic vehicle, you can take a driving test on it with the permission of the authority. Just keep us in the confines of your prayers, we do not want anything more from you.

Let’s get started and move on step by step about driving test in Pakistan.

Step one

  • Time choice

Arrive early in the morning on your appointed day. The staff taking the test in the morning will be fresh and you will also be able to focus better.

  • Watch other people’s tests

Haste is the devil’s job. Watch the test before it is given. Consider what mistakes people are failing at and what technical points they are following to pass it.

  • Remember the left side cones

While watching others tests, take a closer look at the left side cones in the track and remind them in reverse mode (from last point to starting point). Keep remember that which of the following is the middle or turning traffic cone on the left side? At this point, your success or failure depends on it.

Step 2

Once you have done the above and you feel that you will pass the test, it will be a good decision. Keep the following in mind when taking the test.

  • The beginning

Start the test in the blessed name of Allah Almighty, open the door and sit inside.

  • Seat adjustment

Adjust the car seat according to your height and comfort so that you can drive it easily.

  • Seat belt

Fasten the seat belt of properly.

  • Handbrake

The handbrake of a stationary vehicle must be fitted. Take it down.

  • Check engine

Race a little and check if the vehicle parked is start or not. If the engine is off, start it.

  • Go Forward

Move very slowly and gently to the last point. Instead of going in the middle of the last point after taking a turn, keep the car on the left side as much as possible.

Step 3

Stop at the last point and get ready to reverse. It will be a key point if you bring the Vehicle dead slow on return, reverse the car in dead slow mode. After while you will be able to pass the driving test in Pakistan.

  • Adjust the glasses

Adjust the car’s rear view mirror and side view mirror, especially the left side mirror. Adjust its angle so that you can see the traffic cone touching the ground.

  • Turning point

Bring your car back along the left side and reach to the cone ahead to the center cone. Start turning the vehicle and bring the rear tire of it to the center cone.

  • When to cut completely?

When you are satisfied that the rear tire of your vehicle has safely crossed the center traffic cone and you have kept the left side, now you can cut the car completely and straighten it.

  • Handbrake

After the test is over, apply the handbrake before getting out of the car and get yourself out of it.

Note: This method is for a track where your L-shape is going to the left side from the front. If your track is going in the opposite direction, you can reverse this technique. You will try to practice this test most of the time by lining up on rocks, cones or ground in an open space so that you can easily pass the driving test in Pakistan, also remember learn the driving from an instruction who must have at least 3 years of driving experience.

How to Pass L shape Driving Test Video

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