Road King Electric Bike 70cc Price in Pakistan and Features

Road King Electric Bike

A new electric motorbike has recently been introduced by Waleed Traders Company. Yes, the maker is claiming to travel up to 100 km on each recharge. Named the Road King Electric Bike, the first motorbike of its kind to be fully electric. What we need to know today is the details, the features and the way it works. What makes it different from everything else. There are currently two types of batteries used in electric bikes in the country, one is dry cell battery and the other is lithium battery. The battery management system (BDM) is also an important component of this bike which has been imported from abroad.

Road King Electric Bike Black version

The company also claims that the Road King electric bike can be charged from its charger like a normal mobile phone and its charging duration will be very short. Its lithium battery will continue to work for 5 years. However, it will need to be replaced after that. The battery management system (BDM) will take care of its performance and will not affect its pick or mileage in any way. The company has launched two variants of this motorcycle in the market. One is dry battery based while the other is lithium battery type.

How will it be charged and what will be the timing of the battery?

Other electric bike manufacturers in the market are charging 2.5 amps. In this case, it takes 7 to 8 hours to charge the battery. The technology enables the lithium battery to complete its charging in 2.5 to 3 hours, while the dry battery can complete its charging in 3 to 4 hours.

How much will the charging cost?

Obviously, if an item is charged for a long time, the cost will be higher but less charging time will also reduce the cost. The company that makes it claims that its charging cost can range from Rs 30 to Rs 40.

How are the headlights?

Instead of halogen bulbs, LED lights have been installed in its headlights. Due to this, it has lighter and less impact on the battery. All indicators and backlights also have LED bulbs. The general impression is that the most energy consuming thing in a motorbike is the backlights. With that in mind, its backlights have been shifted to LEDs.

What is its structure like?

According to the company, the use of telescopic, heavy-duty shocks is its specialty, which is very effective for rough and uneven roads. Its shocks have also been imported from outside. However, the Road King Electric bike uses a 14-gauge handle. Its handles and grips also look quite beautiful. Instead of 4 ply tires, the rear tire is fitted with 6 ply tires to prevent puncture. As far as the spokes are concerned, those 3.6 gauges have been used.

Other bikes on the market use a fiber box to protect the battery, but the box in it is made of metal. The company says that a good type of controller is installed in the system which controls the current of the battery and increases its efficiency. The controller plays a very important role in controlling the current, speed and mileage.

How about spare parts and service?

The company attaches great importance to the fact that parts are delivered to the places where their bikes are being delivered.

How much is the warranty?

The warranty of 6 months or 6000 kms is given by the company for the parts installed inside body. A 6 months warranty is also being offered for the motor installed in it. The technology has a dry battery up to 6 months or 6,000 km, while the lithium battery has a warranty of 1 year.

How much is the price?

Motorbikes with 70 and dry batteries are priced at Rs 110,000 while those with lithium batteries are priced at Rs 137,000. This was the initial information about the new Road King Electric Bike and its price, you are requested to share your valuable experience with us if you have one of this model please.

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