Meerab Ali with brand new haircut

Meereb Ali, a rising actress and model in Pakistan’s theatre business, has shared the technique she uses to cut her hair.

Last week, the actress shared a photo of her brand-new haircut with the remark, “I accidentally cut my hair so short, but I love it.”

Asim Azhar, a well-known musician and Meerab Ali’s fiancé, also left a remark on the page.

Asim Azhar remarked regarding Meerab Ali’s new hairstyle that if it looks this amazing, it is not by chance.

Later, Meerab Ali responded in a live session to a query concerning haircuts by saying that she always trims her hair when she is depressed.

In her video interview, Meerab Ali was required to explain that she enjoys cutting her hair and does it when she is depressed.

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